Wednesday, May 30, 2007


All the ingredients are now in the crockpot.
The temperature is set.
The smell is getting more and more enticing.
But the light has not yet come on.

It isn't done yet.

I guess there still needs to be
More cooking and
More blending of
Ingredients and flavors.

The hungrier I am when I eat,
The better the food tastes anyway.

I thought I was hungry before,
now I'm getting pretty hungry
I think I'll be hungrier still
by the time we actually get to eat.


This is gonna taste really good!

~ Keith


Shadraq said...

What kind of stew is it? Are you waiting on a promise? It sounds like you aren't running ahead of God. Nice play

Anonymous said...

hmm... I'm feelin' ya.. and think it's a great metaphor.