Monday, November 01, 2010

Liminal Times

Today is 1st November, 2010 -- my 45th birthday.

Yesterday was Hallowe'en, today is All Saints' Day

The transition from yesterday into today is a liminal time -- the ancient Celts & Picts (my ancestors) believed this to be the most powerful of all liminal days of the year -- for all the historic and sociological reasons you can read about in Wikipedia link above, but all the more for me today.

This has been a year of transitions:
  • From: Field-staff RN,
    To: RN Manager
    -- 4th January 2010
  • From: Vineyard church-planting pastor,
    To: Unaffiliated Jesus-follower
    -- 1st September 2010
  • From: Runner,
    To: Marathoner
    -- 10th October 2010
  • From: Early Forties,
    To: Middle Age
    -- Today!
Today I have moved past my mid-forties; today I am officially middle-aged. You know what? I'm totally OK with that! In fact I love that! Like John Denver said in Poems, Prayers, & Promises:
It turns me on to think of growing old
I have always loved Autumn and Winter. The long nights and cold wet days. The deep abiding rest the world moves into. All this really feeds my soul. I identify with these changes and appreciate the subtleties and vagaries of liminal times.
Here's to liminal today, and here's to liminal me!

~ Keith

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