Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fresh Ink 2010

My 5th Tattoo:
When: August 1st, 2010 (age 44).

Who: Sofia @ Triangle Tattoo

What/Where:3 latin words: The phrase "carpe viam" and the word "pax" -- on both feet.

Time? Took around 3 hours to find the right fonts, do the drawing and design, then about 1 hour of "buzz time."

Pain: It was weird -- in my previous work, it was painful at first and took awhile to change. With my feet the pain faded almost immediately. When she went back and did the fading and touch-up, that was hard at first, but that too faded quickly. The most difficult part was the two halves of the A in PAX -- it was in some real tender flesh and sort of half-hurt and half-tickled. Very weird.

Why: So that with each step I take, I am reminding myself to "seize the path" and offering "peace" to all whose path I cross.

~ Keith

(You can read about my 1st 4 tattoos here)


Chad Estes said...

I like.

Emancipation of the Freed said...

very nice, you impress and inspire me, thanks.

Emily said...

I like. Nice alternative to carpe diem. Also, the offsetting makes for cool metaphors -- foot always going forward.