Saturday, February 07, 2009

Personal Best

In this post I blogged about my first-ever 10 mile run. It was awesome -- a 43rd birthday present to myself. It took me almost exactly 2 hours. That's a 12-minute mile. Since that time I've finished the 3rd 10-week Podrunner Intervals program and have progressed to running 10k (6.2 miles) in approx 60 minutes. I finished the book Running for Mortals.

I've now begun reading Marathoning for Mortals. I've set a goal for myself to run the Portland Marathon in October 2010 just before my 45th birthday.

Along the way, I want to run for fun and test my limits -- set new PBs "Personal Best"s. Today I did that. I ran 9.9 miles in 1:41:32 -- shaving almost 2 minutes off my per-mile pace!

Here's my route:

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~ Keith

PS -- for those, like Brett, who are curious: there is no particular significance to the fact that my routes start and stop near a cemetery. It's just where I happen to live! =O)


Jenny said...

Congratulations Keith! Sounds like your new running career is treating you well! Keep it up.

Coach Jenny

Can Opener Boy said...

Thanks coach!

Your tips at the end of the 8k and 10k podrunner interval series' were great and I loved Running for Mortals. I'm also loving Marathoning for Mortals.

Thanks for the inspiration. Say hi to The Penguin for me!

~ Keith

Brett Jordan said...

hurrah! keep it up keith... if i had any advice at all it would be to mix it with some upper body strength training...