Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rave: CCSF Transcripts Department

A critical part of the process in obtaining my Oregon RN license is getting my college transcripts into the hands of the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN).

On 6th June I mailed City College of San Francisco (CCSF) five things:
  1. The CCSF transcript request form
  2. My check for $10.00 (rush processing: 3-5 business days)
  3. The OSBN transcript request form
  4. A post-it note on the first form, asking them to please include the second form when mailing the transcript
  5. A post-it note on the second form pointing out the address and re-stating the request that the OSBN form be included when mailing the transcript
Imagine my delight when I called the CCSF Transcript Department to check on things and spoke with Ms. Anne Lee. She said my transcript had been printed yesterday and would be mailed today! Hurray!

but then...

Anne called me on my cell phone to inform me she read the post-it note on the CCSF form, referring to the OSBN form...which she could not find! I asked her if I could fax it to her ASAP and she said I could. She kindly gave me her direct number so I could let her know (without wading through a phone menu) when I had faxed the new form.

I downloaded the form from the OSBN website, and faxed it to her right away. She answered on one ring, and confirmed receipt of my fax.

but then...

I noticed at the bottom of the OSBN form the ominous message in bold font:
Sorry, No Faxes
Oh No!

While on the phone with Anne I pointed this out. She said the original form I included with my request might be lying around in the transcript office somewhere, but finding it would be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. I said I guess I'll just have to pray! Anne didn't disagree with me on that idea, but she added an idea of her own: she offered to call the OSBN and check with them! Not only that, she offered to call me back once she'd spoken to them.

Less than five minutes later, my cell phone rang. It was Anne. She had a smile in her voice when she said she'd been able to speak to a live person at the OSBN, named Midge. Per Anne, Midge said "Oh yeah, a fax is fine. In fact, if that form is not included it is no big deal at all. It is just faxed transcripts that we can't accept!"

Before I hung up, I made sure to thank Anne profusely for her kindness and extra work on my behalf.


Now to type this up in the form of a thank you letter to the CCSF Registrar's office so her boss knows what a valuable employee Anne is!

~ Keith

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