Monday, October 09, 2006

I did it!

I passed the Northern California Motorcycle Safety Training program!

Tuesday 3rd October I spent from 6pm - 10pm in a classroom

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th October I spent 7am - 12noon riding one of these!

Now all I need to do is go take the written exam and I'll be able to get my Motorcycle license.

Then I need a helmet and a jacket and a pair of gloves and maybe a pair of riding pants and maybe a pair of motorcycle boots, and maybe some rain gear...and I guess I also need a motorcycle!

~ Keith


Tomas Perez said...

Just checking in. Welcome to the wonderful world of two wheeled transportation! I've been riding for several years. In fact, not sure if you're serious about getting a bike, but I've got one to sell. It's a monster (1995 Honda 20th Anniversary Edition Goldwing) Let me know if you're interested. In any case, keep the shiny side up!


Can Opener Boy said...

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for the welcome!

While I'm serious about getting a bike, I think I'll start smaller (around 600-750cc) and get some miles under me before I get something like you have for sale, although a nice touring bike is my ultimate goal!

~ Keith

Unknown said...

You make me glad, good sir knight!!! Lynda and I were signed up for the course last summer and backed out at the last minute, timing just wasn't right with all the kidtivities...ride on you big stud...when we were looking the yamaha vstar 650 and the suzuki boulevard looked like great first cruisers, what are you leaning towards? What's cathy think?
rico swede