Monday, April 10, 2006

A Life of Justice

I've installed AdSense ads by Google on my blog.

I have no idea how much money will be generated from this but it seemed like a simple and easy way to increase my charitable giving. I know there are plenty of people who could use some assistance; people in dire straits.

I'm not rich by North American standards, but I'm also not poor by those same standards. And I don't think it is right for the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer, so this is one small thing I am doing to try and live a life of justice. for nothin'...
Here's my plan for every $1.00 earned through AdSense:
  • 10% to my local church (which gives away 10% of all income to various charities, and also spends significant amounts of time and money helping people-in-need in our local communities and beyond)
  • ??% to Uncle Sam as required by law and good conscience
  • The remainder will be donated to a charity of my designation, and if/when I ever get any actual revenue from this I will also blog about the charity I'm donating to, and why I chose that one.
*Click away! Do the world a little good!

~ cob
* as per my agreement with AdSense terms, conditions, and policies, it is not legal for me to come to my own blog and click the ads there just to make myself money. Likewise, please do not come and click willy-nilly on random ads just to generate revenue for charity via my blog. Instead, please follow only relevant ads you deem to be interesting to you at the time. Thanks. ~cob

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