Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Weekend Runs Through It

As I type this I am in the Seattle airport, awaiting my flight home to Oregon. I spent the weekend in Montana with my sister Bobbi and her family. We had good food and a great time hanging out and connecting. Bobbi rocks! We went to Yellowstone Nat'l Park (it was free entrance day!). Some of the amazing sights from my trip are viewable here
Highlights: Spending time with my sister Bobbi, seeing a bison up close and personal, seeing my niece Brittany and her baby Abby, seeing my nephew Todd, meeting my sister's husband Matt, and seeing a GRIZZLY BEAR AND HER CUB from only 125 yards away in Yellowstone!

ORN: (obligatroy running note) Oh, and I also ran 7 miles at 4k ft elevation. That was fun too.

~ Keith

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