Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chased by Promises

Eighteen hours ago I was driving home from a Vineyard Pastor's Retreat. It was raining really hard, but up ahead there was a break in the clouds. So I was driving in pouring rain, but looking at blue skies. In my rearview mirror I noticed something cool - a rainbow was there. Right. THERE! Like, the picture above, only all I could see was rainbow out my back window. And it was travelling with me -- chasing me. I don't know how long it was there before I noticed it.

The bible says the rainbow is a promise that God won't wipe us out in another flood (which was comforting, considering the amount of rain I was driving in!).

At the retreat, God really met me and reminded me of some promises He's made to me over the years -- promises I think I'd largely forgotten but, like the rainbow, they've been chasing me down all along.

As I type this I've had only 1 hour of sleep. I was on-call from midnight to 8 am and was out caring for families whose loved ones were dying. I saw three patients: one who did not die, one who died while I was there in their home with them and their family, and one who died before I arrived. I think that completeness of possibilities is poetic somehow.

On very little sleep, and on foggy roads, I was kept safe -- I was not wiped out by a flood or anything else. And now I'm going to sleep.

As I head to dreamland, the sun is out. I can't see the rainbow anymore but I will rest well, knowing I am still
chased by promises
~ Keith


Unknown said...

The Words says that the gifts and call on our lives are irrevocable.

His promises have followed you for your whole life, and will continue to do so, because He's always there, waiting for the right timing to unveil yet another of His gifts!

What a cool sight!

I for one am VERY glad he kept you safe on just 1 hour of sleep!! Yeah God!

Emancipation of the Freed said...

I understand how you feel. I saw the most amazing double rainbow at BurningMan last year, it did something to me, it touched something deep inside and reminded me that He knows, He see, He cares and He still loves me.

Cool, memory stirring post, Thanks...