Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jesus' Campaign Promises

In my favourite newsreader, I have a search set up for the word "Jesus" -- just to see what the media is saying. Lately there have been a lot of stories about nativity scenes being vandalized. This morning, though, I came across an article from the Athens Banner-Herald called Playing the Jesus Card can cut many ways. It was written by William McKenzie, an editorial columnist for The Dallas Morning News.

Mr. McKenzie makes some provocative statements and the article is well-worth the read. Here's an excerpt:
We voters better watch out when candidates play the Jesus Card. The child born in a manger turned out to be a radical figure. And his message can take us in demanding, unpredictable directions.

For example, there's that hard command to love your enemies. How would the professing candidates abide by that charge? Shouldn't we ask whether that dictum will affect how they deal with the opposition party on Capitol Hill? With Iran? And if it will affect them, how so?

Then there's the fact that Jesus spent much of his ministry challenging his day's religious establishment. Wow, that could create mighty big sparks if any of these candidates really played the Jesus Card.
Mr. McKenzie's final thoughts say it all:
Let's not boil Jesus down to the candidate of the left, right or middle. Let's remember that the child born in a manger was too complicated for that.
~ Keith

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