Friday, October 06, 2006

Lentil Stew and Tears at Work

Last Sunday I spent time worshipping at an Episcopal church with my friends m.cellophane and evolving woman. It was neat and I felt God's presence, and my heart was moved toward a deeper faith in, and devotion to, Jesus.

On Tuesday evolving woman wrote about the journey she has been on. In that post she asks some deep, thought-provoking questions. I have no answers, and am asking some similar questions myself.

Then today I read an article on GinkWorld about lentil stew.

I want to be that kind of neighbor.

~ Keith


m.cellophane said...

The lentil soup story touched us both. Thank you for posting the link! I want to be that kind of neighbor too.

john o'keefe said...

yup, christine can be very thought provoking :)