Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Holy Childhood Memories!!!!!!!




A friend told me about this website and when I went there I had a flood of memories:
  • Eating toast with peanut butter and butter.

  • After-school T.V. watching
    (gasp) before my homework was done.

  • Wishing I had superpowers.

  • Wishing I could fight people and make bad guys give in.

I don't have any specific deep or philiosophical things to say about Adam West, or his career or anything at all. Just thought you'd enjoy the link to the cool website.

~ Keith

PS -- all photos shown here are available for purchase, autographed by Mr. West! $20 for black & white, $25 for color.

All photos here are taken from the above-mentioned website without the expressed permission of Mr. West or his agent, but with only kind regards for Mr. West and his career.

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