Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Halfs (Almost) Make (Me Ready for) a Whole

In June, 2009 I ran the Helvetia Half Marathon in Hillsboro, Oregon. That was my first "Half" and I'd followed the training programs in Marathoning for Mortals. I was ready. I came, I ran, I conquered. It kicked my butt, but I did it. I was proud of my accomplishment (and still am), but was not done. That Half was just one short-term goal on the way to a larger goal of running the Portland Marathon in October 2010.

Another milestone will come tomorrow when I run the Cascade Half Marathon in Turner, Oregon (featured in the Jan 2010 issue of Runners World Magazine!). Unlike last time, I have no specific mile-marker dedications. Tomorrow I'm just going to run.

I started training back on Monday October 12, 2009. Since then I've run over 200 miles, which amounts to a total on-road time of over 36 hrs. I also cross-trained some by cycling -- almost 100 miles in a little over 8 1/2 hours total. It would have been more but I lost motivation for road-cycling after the first 2 months. But that's better than my last Half where I only cross-trained for one month. And, if you've followed me on FaceBook or you know me IRL, you know almost 95% of those 300 miles and 45 hours was in the dark, before sunrise.

Again I've been following the training plans in Marathoning for Mortals, and I feel strong. I feel ready. I'm hoping for a PR. I'm hoping to break the 2 hr mark. But really I'll be happy if I finish.

This time tomorrow I hope to be in the second-half of my 2nd "Half".

But I know a longer road lies ahead of me:
Running 13.1 twice in 6 months
is great, but it doesn't mean
I'm ready for 26.2
But it isn't October 2010 yet, so I don't have to be ready yet.
One day at a time, one mile at a time, one step at a time.

And first things first -- I still have a race to run tomorrow and I'll be out there rain or shine...

Pickin' 'em up and puttin' 'em down,

~ Keith

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Joe said...

Hope the day goes well!! Looks to be cool and a little rain...not much different than what you've trained in.

Look forward to the race report!!