Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anger & Depression

Sometimes well-meaning people respond to someone else's grief by trying to give advice.

When that happens I want to respond in grace, knowing they meant well and trying to believe the best about them. That's fine, on one level -- I don't want to be mean to people who are trying to help and comfort me...

But I know myself and in making more grace for others at this time in my life, I run the risk of placing myself in a position of trying to be the nice person for them when I am the one hurting. That is not healthy for me. This is a season where it is OK for me to be overly sensitive.

So instead, I'm allowing myself to feel the anger and depression and sense of abandonment when people...just. don't. get it.

If you're trying to think of how to relate to me at the moment, please allow me to give some advice of my own. Left to me, I would use profanity and offend you, so instead I'll use the words borrowed from someone who can express it more eloquently than I can right now:

Now Is The Time For Tears
by Charlie Peacock

Now is the time for tears
Don't speak
Save your words
There's nothing you could say
To take this pain away
Don't try so hard
You can just simply be
Cry with me don't try to fix me friend
That's how you'll comfort me

Heavenly Father cover this child with mercy
You are my helper through this time of trial and pain
Silence the lips of the people with all of the answers
Gently show them now is the time
Now is the time
Now is the time for tears
~ Keith

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