Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Long Stanford

Today is my last day at Stanford. I've worked here for over 9 years, and have been in my current job for over 6.

I started at Stanford on 28th June, 1998. I was a new grad RN and was thrilled to work for such a world-class hospital, in such a beautiful setting. I mean, just look at it -- it looks like something from a Disneyland Hotel brochure!I started out on C3 -- the Orthopaedics Med/Surg unit. I was taken in and shown the ropes by some great nurses and nurse's aides.

In February of 2000 I transferred to Stanford Home Care. Due to financial shortfalls, the department closed. I was disappointed since I was hoping to move into the Hospice) division at some point.

I started working at the Spine Center in April of 2001, and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

When I left the Navy in 1989, I'd been in for 6 years. I'd done a variety of jobs in a variety of places, but 6 years for a 23 year-old -- that was over 25% of my life!

Now I've been in this one particular job over 6 years, and have been at Stanford over 9 years!

It's the end of an era.

~ Keith

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Emancipation of the Freed said...

the faithful are trusted with more... A new adventure begins... enjoy the ride, it promises to be a blast!