Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oregon Weather

We've been here almost two weeks now, and the daily high temperature has been in the mid-high 70s to mid-low 80s. It hasn't been bright and sunny all day every day, but we've had quite a bit of sun! We've only had a very light sprinkle or two, but Autumn is on it's way, and I'm ready for some weather!

Where we lived in California, "a chance of showers" meant "it's going to be cloudy" and as for the rain, it meant "there is a chance it will rain either somewhere else or overnight -- so don't plan on enjoying it, nyah nyah nyah!" =O(

Growing up here in Oregon, I remember the forecast always included a specific %chance of rain if they thought it would rain at all! The old standing jokes were:
In Oregon we have two seasons:
warm wet, and cold wet.

Last year 2,762 Oregonians fell off their bicycles
and drowned.
To get acquainted with the new forecasting vocabulary here in Salem, I went to a few weather sites online. Here's how the weather continuum shapes up:

Mostly Sunny
Partly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy

(...and keep in mind any of the above might be days that are in the mid-50s or the mid-80s, depending on the time of year -- and any of the above might also have a %chance of rain listed!)

~ Keith

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Anonymous said...

Here in Florida we have two seasons: Cold Summer and Wet Summer. The percent-chance-of-rain reading during the summer does not determine whether or not it will rain, but how severe the rain will be.