Friday, February 09, 2007

Road Trips

My bike is in the shop for some routine maintenance. My plan was to pick it up this weekend, but it looks like it will be raining. Bummer.

As I sit and wish for the rain to stop (a new thing for me!) here are some pics of a recent trip I took near my home. If you'd like, you can use GoogleMaps to follow my route!

SW along Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35) there is a little turn-out. Looking East you can see the Southern Peninsula
Another person at the turnout was nice enough to take my picture
No matter where you look, the scenery is gorgeous!
You can see the Dumbarton bridge crossing the bay. In the center right of the picture you can see the bell tower in The Quad at Stanford
Same place, different angle. Beautful Bike!

Here's another turn out along Skyline. In the distance looking East you can see the tops of the Oakland hills.
If you turn and look West, you can see the ocean! (the glare was bad so you can't see it in the picture, sorry)

Looking North, you can see Hwy 92 winding away!

Here's another stop near the intersection of Skyline & Hwy 92. I pulled out my mini-tripod and snapped a couple self-portraits
Here is a 360 degree panorama VR of the view near the intersection of Skyline & Hwy 92!

Last stop along the route, on Hwy 92 near Crystal Springs Reservoir. This is looking South.
Same place, now looking back West from where I came.
Same place, now looking East along my road home.

Good times!

~ Keith

ps -- just in case the link above expires (I used a URL shortener) here is the original Google Map URL


Tomas Perez said...


You're killing me! I recently sold my bike; I really needed the $$ and I can no longer ride due to a bad hip. I'm getting a replacement (hip not bike) in April. Hopefully I can replace the bike in a year or so. In the mean time, thanks for the vicarious thrills!


Unknown said...

I can't figure out which you like more, your new bike or your digital camera!! ;)

Love you to pieces man, just don't make me pick 'em up off the roadway! So glad you're having fun with it!