Friday, November 10, 2006

Going Shopping

Now that I've taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, and the written exam (I just received my M1 license in the mail last week. They made me take a new picture, which was kind of a bummer, since the last picture I took I was bald and wearing Drew Carey glasses!!), Cathy & I have decided now is an OK time to get a first bike.

Winter is coming, but in the Bay Area there will still be plenty of dry days to get the road under my wheels, and some miles under my belt. Plus, the sooner I start using the skills I just learned, the better chance they'll stay with me!

To do that, though, I need a motorcycle!

There are always a ton of bikes available on CL, but my desire is to think this through and decide beforehand on a model or two I think would be best. Then I can spend time looking for that bike, and go from there.

I'm open to any wisdom you can pass my way re: a good beginner's bike to buy. I definitely want to buy used, and would like the bike and gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, for a start) to come in under $1500. Less would be great, but I know you get what you pay for.

The bike I used at MSF was a Honda Nighthawk 250. That was fun to learn on, but for a real starter bike to ride for a year or two, I'm leaning toward a 500-650cc bike. I prefer cruisers and touring bikes. I'm not brand conscious at this point -- my ultimate would be a nice BMW touring bike -- but I need to spend some time getting experience before I jump to a machine like that!

Take a look at the links below and then tell me what you think of the advice given and the "beginner bikes" recommended! Feel free to throw your advice my way re: buying my first bike!


See you out on the road!

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~ Keith

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m.cellophane said...

I don't know a thing about motorcycles, but reading your blog reminds me of a series that I watched on DVD: "Long Way Round" In it, Ewan McGregor (movie star) and his friend Charlie Boorman (movie meteorite and son of director John Boorman (Deliverance, Excalibur)) go around the world on motorcycles. It's fascinating and highly recommended!