Monday, August 14, 2006

Apparently I'm more like Garfield than I ever realized

I took a few Myers-Briggs type personality tests online today. Each test I took pointed to me being INFJ. Go figure!

None of these tests are perfect, and I know my identity is made up of more than these four letters -- but it was fun to do, and somewhat enlightening.

I'm wondering -- what are you? Leave a comment and let me know! If you don't know already, take an online test and find out!

~ Keith


m.cellophane said...

INFP. Still. ;o)

Jon said...

ISFJ. We have found these to be really, really helpful for understanding interpersonal conflict and how groups can function more effectively.

Sandy B said...

Just happened by this morning and was amazed at the changes to your blogsite! I read one of the personality descriptions and learned so much, Keith! See if Cathy will take the test and post her results....I'd love to have both! Hugs.

JJ said...

Cool, I hadn't taken one in a while:

"Your Type is

Strength of the preferences %
11 62 25 67"

No surprises. =)