Friday, July 21, 2006

Holes In The Night Sky

I have posted a few times (see can o' marriage in the menu at the right) about my lovely & captivating wife Cathy.

She inspires and encourages me; moves and fulfills me. I am deeply and deleriously and happily in love with her!

Today I was struck by the lyrics to Holes In The Night Sky (stream or standard) from Andrew Smith's album Escape Velocity.
Holes in the Night Sky
Words and music by Andrew Smith
© 2004 Andrew Smith (socan)

Were we just wishing upon a star
Those nights of the soul when the future was dark
Were we just dreaming of places far
Beyond our grasp to shelter our hearts
It’s too late I’m falling for you

Didn’t we say that the stars
Were just holes in the night sky
Letting the light shine in from a better world
Didn’t we think that the stars
Were just holes in the night sky
Letting the light shine in
From a better world

Looking into Vincent’s starlight swirl
Like portals into the spirit world
We were just hoping that Someone heard
This broken-hearted boy and girl
Hold on I’m falling for you

Inside of us, inspite of us
There is a Star that shines
This light in us, inspite of us
Is keeping hope alive
As she and I journey together through wonderful seasons punctuated with difficult times, we love to walk at night and look at the stars. As we do I think of The One who flung all those stars in to their places; The One who knows and holds our past, present, and future -- The One who lives inside us, shining within us.

I am filled once again with faith, hope, and love, remembering the greatest of these is love, and love never fails.

I am glad the roots of the tree of life are strong and deep; its branches reaching high.

~ Keith

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