Sunday, June 04, 2006

What is Our Marriage Built For?

Here is the Design Statement HCWB and I created for our marriage.

It answers the questions:
What are we built to do together?
What is the purpose of our marriage?

It covers:
  • who we are in relation to God,
  • what we do,
  • how we do it, and
  • what results we expect to see
    when we do what we're designed for.
We're friends of God
Loving all those He brings our way.
We walk beside them
Encouraging them, championing them, and
Sharing our life with them.
As they experience God's love through us
They come fully alive, and
Find their place in His family.
As we face decisions together in life, and opportunities come our way, we can assess these against the grid of what we're designed for, helping us move forward in life expressing God's love and care.

This will be our spiritual legacy.

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