Friday, December 23, 2005

OMG! You're doing WHAT!?!??!??!???!!!!???

That's right boys and girls. I've decided (sort of as a Christmas present to Cathy) I'm not taking my laptop with me on vacation. There will be a computer at each place we stay -- so I could check eMail or blog or whatever.

But I've decided that, unless something earth-shattering happens, I'm not going to check eMail which I'm gone. And, I guess if something earth-shattering does happen, I'll have other things to worry about than how cheap Cialis sof-tabs are, how big certain parts of my body could possibly be, how to get rid of male pattern baldness, or even cash in on that $45 million USD waiting for me from my long-lost, recently deceased relative (or reasonable facilime thereof) in Uganda!

I've known this all along, I suppose, but I am struck fresh this morning with the realization that the old computer adage is true: "Garbage in, garbage out" -- that is, what I take in does effect me. I love my spam folder -- it helps keep me from looking at all sorts of bad stuff. But even in my regular inbox -- the everyday worries of everyday life. These can weigh me down.

I'm an amateur at etymology, but isn't "vacation" about "vacating" the premises?! With eMail so readily accessible to just about everyone I know, it is like being in the next room -- it is like I never left! But the whole point of vacating is to pull away; to rest -- to "re-create" as it were.

I can't do that if all of you are in the same room with me! So go on -- get out of here and leave me alone for a week or so!! =O)

Of course, if you really really really need me, I'll have my cell phone. You didn't expect me to go techno-cold-turkey did you?

Peace on earth, and good will to all peoples everywhere -- since God's favor rests on us.

~ Keith

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